How to Use YouTube to Improve Online Brand Awareness and SEO

Online entrepreneurs and marketers have much to gain from creating a YouTube channel and launching a video marketing campaign. Once a YouTube channel has been created, the following steps should be followed in order to improve brand awareness amongst internet users as well as enhance a brand’s visibility not only in video sharing communities but also among search engine users:

1) Select a Topic

Choosing a topic for video marketing need not be a difficult task as there are many options to choose from. It could be focused on better or unconventional ways by which a product can be used for best results or simply demonstrate the expertise of an entrepreneur on a given topic. It could also include testimonials from loyal customers or even made just for pure entertainment. When it comes to selecting video marketing topics, entrepreneurs are only limited by their creativity.

Furthermore, online entrepreneurs and marketers need not limit themselves to developing just one video. In most cases, publishing a video marketing series works best and increases the potential of a brand to gain loyal viewership.

2) Record Your Video

Upon selecting a topic and planning out all scenes and important communication points, entrepreneurs should be ready to record. The technology used for this is not as important the concept of the video as there are marketers who have shot videos with mobile phone cameras have seen the same success as those who have recorded in HD or other more sophisticated devices.

Recorded videos should be focused, direct to the point, and kept below 2 minutes. Upon recording, simple editing software can be used to fix the transition between scenes, remove unnecessary takes, and finalize the video for public viewing.

3) Implement Video SEO Tactics

When a video is ready for the public, it should be uploaded to a YouTube channel and optimized for proper video SEO. To do this, marketers should include pertinent keywords when entering a title, a description, and tags. Furthermore, a link to the brand’s website should be added towards the end of the video and in it’s description. Doing so does not only generate backlinks for a site but also directs viewers to a place where they can learn more about the brand featured in the video.

4) Generate Video Views

Apart from making a video available in a YouTube channel, entrepreneurs should look for other videos with related content and post their own videos as replies. Doing so increases the potential of views and enhances a video’s relevance to certain keywords. More views and backlinks can also be generated by promoting videos on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Once a video has gained enough views and backlinks, it starts appearing in Google search results for targeted keywords and phrases.

Video marketing is definitely much more difficult to pursue than content marketing. However, the results an entrepreneur can gain from this strategy makes it worthwhile. With a proper video marketing campaign working entrepreneurs and marketers can easily improve online brand awareness, visibility, and SEO.

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