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As your Internet Marketing Manager, it’s our mission to empower you by showing you how to manage your online presence and leverage your expertise to achieve your business goals and create the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. If you prefer to delegate your marketing; we do that, too!

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Passionate Marketing Experts

Is your marketing doing the work you hoped it would? Are you getting the high-yield results to keep your business growing? Do you: 

  • Have consistent and growing activity through your website and blog?
  • Have a plan in place to build an Internet presence and brand?
  • Have systems that are implemented as scheduled?
  • Have access to the latest technologies to increase productivity and workflow?
  • Have marketing pieces that reach prospects, clients, and past clients to stay top-of-mind?

Or do you find yourself:

  • Having an idea of what you want in a marketing program but you don’t know where to start?
  • Overwhelmed by it all and prefer to get back to what you LOVE about your business?
  • Knowing you need to be involved with social media marketing, but think it takes too much time?
  • Spending way too much of your valuable time trying to figure out the best marketing options for your business? 
  • Believing that marketing doesn’t work?

If we’ve hit on some of your challenges you share a common bond with our clientele. They’re savvy entrepreneurs who realize they don’t have the time or expertise to effectively manage and implement the marketing of their businesses whether it’s traditional marketing, Internet marketing or Social Media marketing.

Let your marketing do the work for you! We are an Online Virtual Assistant Marketing organization providing clients with increased marketing and social media success through experienced, traditional and Internet marketing and social media solutions!

We provide specialized support, implementation, and consulting in our areas of expertise to give you maximum return on investment. 

Whether you need to grow your database, increase your social media presence, or create a simple plan that will reach your target market, we’re here to help. Let us show you how utilizing Accurate Business Services as your online marketing team can give you peace of mind, bigger returns and the growth your business deserves. 

Like a Coach, and a VA!

“I have worked with Jeannine Clontz for several years. She helped me with four separate projects–including creating an organization prospect database; graphics and tools to capture inquiries and a set of mailings to prospects. Her work saved me time–over 20 hours–that I put to good use working on other tasks. The prospect database organization project helped me close a $2,500 contract. Jeannine is always professional, is patient and brings answers to my business challenges. If in doubt, send her a list of your “can’t-get-to-it” projects. I’m sure she will do a great job for you.”

~ Mike Rohan, President Rohan Business Group

Praise for Jeannine as “Connector”

I got a new client today who said she’d found me via an online search under “life transitions.” She’s familiar with the technical aspects of online networking, and praised my website for coming up instantly in her search– plus all its interactive connections to FB & LI and so on. I told her that I owed this visibility to the wonderful guidance of my virtual assistant who introduced me to all these possibilities.”

~Eve Siegel, M.S., CPCC, ACC, Certified Life Coach

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