Five Fast and Easy Ways to Create an Opt-in Email Marketing Page

If you use email marketing as a part of your overall Internet marketing strategy, your opt-in page can be your most important asset. In fact, if properly created and marketed, your opt-in page can be your sole means to successfully generate viable leads.  Here are five fast and easy ways you should consider to ensure your opt-in page is effective and successful in generating as many good leads as possible.

#1: Compelling Headlines

Internet users have short attention spans and you have only a few seconds to strike their fancy and make a connection. For this reason, your headline must be strong enough to catch your visitors’ attention and compel them to read more.

#2: Publish a Video

The popularity of videos and the appeal of learning by watching rather than just reading content is all the rage right now and it doesn’t show signs of changing. You can create a video demonstration of your products and services to highlight the benefits to your customers. Place this video near the top of your webpage so that your visitors are encouraged to view it right away, and stay longer on your site, as well as consider checking out more of the information provided there.

#3: Use Bullets to Present Your Content

It’s still a good idea to layout all the features and benefits mentioned in your video in text.  We live in a world where people want immediate and instant access and they want it quickly. Using bullets or lists, and shorter text, helps visitors to quickly scan the content and grab their attention. This area will also serve as a summary of features and benefits that will reinforce this information in your visitors’ minds, making them more likely to search the site for more.

#4: Testimonials

It’s one thing to tell everyone how wonderful and marvelous your products or services are, but something totally different when it’s a testimonial from a happy customer who a prospect might better relate to. Choose testimonials that reaffirm what you are presenting in your bulleted information.  Be certain to include quotes and the reviewer’s name.  In this context you may also include a short profile or their company name so that prospects can identify with them and realize your offerings can benefit them, too.  If you don’t have testimonials, it may be a good idea for you to either request some from current clients or send out free packages to influential people in your niche and request a review.

#5: Keep It Simple (Subscription Form)

If your focus is to use this information for email marketing only, require only the subscriber’s name and email address.  By keeping it simple, more people will opt-in.  However, if the focus is to use the contact information to market to them offline, make sure your offer is something that requires their address, perhaps a CD, or a printed report.  You will also want all those who register through your opt-in page to automatically receive a welcome or thank you email of some sort.  Linking your subscription form to a simple autoresponder will do the trick.

These simple options are proven strategies in putting together an effective opt-in page. Try them on for size and experience how quickly and easily you can generate leads for your business.

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