Podcasting Tips for Businesses Targeting Female Audiences

Generally, women are multi-taskers. Whether they are career-driven individuals or simple homemakers, women rarely focus on one thing at a time. That is the reason why podcasts are so appealing to them. With podcasts, they are able to take in information that they’re interested in without having to take precious time off of their busy schedules.

If you own a business that targets female audiences, creating a podcast would be the perfect way to generate interest in your niche or whatever it is you have to offer. While podcasts are effective communication platforms for both genders, targeting a purely female audience requires a very specific communication strategy.

To generate interest among women, keep them engaged, and actually have the ability to turn your listeners into customers, here are a few simple podcasting tips for you:

1) Tell Stories

Women find it easy to make connections through stories and you should take advantage of that fact. Communicate your messages through narratives and anecdotes that place your brand or your offerings in the context of your listeners’ lives. Doing so will allow them to easily take in and absorb what you communicate. Furthermore, your messages become more memorable and easy to share to others.

2) Be Entertaining

No matter how serious or technical your messages are, you should be able to communicate them to your listeners in a fresh and entertaining manner. Always try to imagine that your listeners depend on our podcast to get information that would be too boring or unentertaining to read. A new and fun approach to something serious but relevant will surely keep your listeners tuned in.

3) Speak on a Personal Level

Many podcast hosts speak as if they’re simply reading from a script or going through their notes. Add personality to your own podcast by speaking as if you’re conversing with your listeners. That will make your female audiences feel like they’re simply listening to a trusted friend over brunch and they are more likely to pay attention. You may even want to consider getting a co-host to turn your podcasts into actual conversations.

4) Keep it Light

Always keep in mind that your podcasts can be accessed through various mobile devices. Being multi-taskers, your female listeners are likely tuning in while they’re on-the-go or working on something else. If your podcast requires your listeners to take down notes, you’re definitely going about it the wrong way. Keep your discussion light and avoid talking about things in a manner that requires your listeners’ complete attention.

Female listeners are generally easy to please. The best thing about having that type of audience is, if they like your podcast, they are likely to encourage their friends and relatives to tune in as well. Follow the tips above and you will find it easy to engage your audience and keep them tuned in. In no time, your listeners will not only be your brand’s advocates but its endorsers as well.

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