Does Someone Really Need Me?

I’m sure we’d all agree that the world is definitely changing.  Watching the national news usually doesn’t leave me encouraged.  I recently attended a Chamber event where the guest speaker spoke all about change and why it’s good for us to continue to grow and change, no matter what the economic climate.

I totally agree.  I used to balk at change, tried to avoid it, but nowadays I embrace change and at times, go out in search of change – new technologies and processes that make life easier for me, and my clients.

Maybe it’s something that comes with age.  All I know is I need much less than I used to, I don’t worry about hardly anything (it’s all small stuff anyway), and I feel much more at ease than ever before in my life.

Since the first of the year, my business has been steadily growing, and I’ve added new clients regularly.  While some of the needs and technologies have changed, the basic premise has not.  I work with clients who understand the value of their own time.

Clients don’t necessarily come to my business because they ‘need’ me, they come because they have a problem to solve, or they want to find out more about Internet marketing and how to expand and grow their own businesses.  If I’m not helping them be more successful, they not only won’t need me, they probably won’t want me either. 🙂

I know of many other small business owners who are struggling right now.  What is it that I do differently that shields me from this struggle?  I believe it’s an entrepreneurial mindset.  I understand what it takes to run a business, which not only helps me stay profitable, but also helps my clients stay profitable.  I don’t just have good skills, I have good business practices.  And I only work with clients who share the same mindset and practices that I do. 

It’s also not just business, it’s about building relationships.  Not only client relationships, but relationships with people that solve all sorts of problems I may not.  It really allows me to develop a much deeper relationship.  I knew all that networking would come in handy some day!

Whether you want to call it the Law of Attraction, or just plain old horse sense, if I surround myself with successful, talented people, and I continue to attend seminars and trainings, I’m sure to bring something of value to my clientele, and my own business.

Having a mindset that helps me to understand that I’m not the right fit for everyone, helps to expand my network to include others who do what I do, or what I don’t, so that I am able to refer prospects to someone who is better skilled to solve their problems and challenges.  This is a big part of the value I bring to the table, and feeds into my passion. 

Without that, I wouldn’t be doing what I believe I’m here to do – help people.  I am absolutely passionate about what I do, and I LOVE being able to do it.  I hope you have found your passion and are doing what you LOVE, too.  If not, take some time to re-invent yourself and work on your entrepreneurial mindset.  How bad could that be?   

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