It’s Time to Stop Selling and Start Building Relationships

For many of us, sales is a four letter word; something that causes us stress and anxiety.  So I say, “stop selling then!”.  Sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?  So what do I mean?

Instead of trying to close a sale, try to build a relationship and see if that doesn’t allow the client to close the sale for you.  It’s really all about your client, or potential client, not you.  With that in mind, let’s come up with some questions you could ask a client, or prospect that might open a door to using your products or services.

  • Tell me about a recent project you’ve been working on?
  • Is this the type of thing you love to do?
  • Are you getting the results you need and achieving your goals?
  • What’s your biggest challenge right now in moving your business forward?

Remember to keep the conversation flowing, and positive.  You should be doing more listening than speaking, and even if it doesn’t present a problem that you can solve; who do you know who might be able to assist THEM?

If it does present you with an opportunity to solve a problem, you might say something like, ‘would it be beneficial if you had someone to partner with to achieve this goal, or solve this problem?’  If they respond positively, explain the benefits of working with you and how you can produce the results they are looking for.  Then be quiet. 

If they have an interest they’ll ask for more.  Try to continue to offer positive reinforcement for solving the problem and ask what would happen if they did not solve the problem; or how important it would be to get more positive results, etc.  This will help them see the need to get help or support and ‘close the sale’ for themselves.   

This is a great way to let clients and prospects know that you really are interested in them, not in selling to them.  I think we would all agree that we do not like being sold to, so why do it?  The bonus is this takes that four letter word (sale) out of the equation and makes for a more positive and beneficial relationship.  Win-win, I say!  

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