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Why Video is Your Company’s Best Friend

Unless you’re not keeping up with the latest craze on the Internet, you know that Video is HOT for both business and personal use.  Wouldn’t it be great if your company became the next YouTube sensation?  The one thing everyone couldn’t stop talking about at the water cooler?  You never know, it could happen.  YouTube […]

Using FREE E-Books To Promote Your Business

Have you considered any non-traditional marketing options to help promote your business, generate more leads, increase your website traffic, or build a list? Check out my video and add an E-Book to your marketing plan! Jeannine Grich, CVA, MVA, EthicsChecked™, provides marketing and social media support, training and consulting to busy entrepreneurs. For information about finding […]

Five Affordable Ways to Create Video Marketing Content

There are many ways to create video marketing content that will make you stand out without access to a production studio or require spending thousands of dollars. Take a look at some of my five easy, and affordable steps you can take to show your viewers you’re worth their time and money: 1. Create a […]

Use YouTube to Improve Online Brand Awareness and SEO

How to Use YouTube to Improve Online Brand Awareness and SEO Online entrepreneurs and marketers have much to gain from creating a YouTube channel and launching a video marketing campaign. Once a YouTube channel has been created, the following steps should be followed in order to improve brand awareness amongst internet users as well as […]