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Three Tips for Connecting with Social Media Leaders

When asked about his social media strategy, best-selling author and leading productivity blogger, Tim Ferriss, suggested that marketers try one of two strategies: target ‘thought leaders’, or target ‘traffic leaders’ with important, unusual questions. The tactic was one of several used during the promotional build-up to his best-selling book and the pre-launch of his own […]

Four SEO Tips for Your WordPress Blog

WordPress has become the most popular self-hosted blogging platform around, with over ten million different users utilizing the technology as their blog back-end of choice. Offering a huge range of features, customization options, widgets, plug-ins and controls, it is no wonder the platform has achieved such immense popularity amongst bloggers, web developers, and serious Internet […]

Using Social Networks to Promote Your Blog

If you’re an avid Internet user and promote your business through a website, you know that enhancing your presence can lead to more traffic and prospective leads.  If you’re up with the times, you probably connect with clients and prospects through an informational blog page.  The big mistake many bloggers make is not promoting their […]

Blogging for Business

Web logs (blogs) came into play in the late 1990s, but today they offer options beyond those of aspiring writers or the simple online diaries of old. The terrain of the blogosphere has changed radically. Governments and big business have homed in on blogs as a focus of social media marketing with blogging options such […]