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Common Branding Mistakes and Myths To Avoid

What Makes a Brand Identity? Branding is an aspect of every business that consists of visual elements and are used to build a brand for the company’s marketing purposes. Therefore, most business owners would hire a professional logo designer to execute the concepts laid out by the company, which they believe will help communicate and […]

5 Things To Consider When Publishing An Electronic Newsletter

Providing an electronic newsletter for your opt-in list subscribers provides many benefits in terms of driving traffic to your site, as well as, boosting the sales and profits of your company. This is a marketing ploy that will not put a big dent in your marketing budget and will not require a lot of hours […]

Five Ways to Grow Your Business to Six Figures and Beyond

Have you ever wondered how your competitors generate six figure incomes?  Do you think they have a secret way of doing things?  Do you make excuses for not being able to achieve six figure goals in your business?  As a professional in your field or niche, you face many challenges when marketing and promoting yourself […]